Foot Care

Foot Care

Medical foot care looks at the overall health of the feet and legs, including structures, circulation and or deformities, individualized foot care treatment plans are then arranged and can be basic or advanced depending on individual needs. Regular foot care sessions are beneficial to everyone, particularly people with conditions such as diabetes, decreased or impaired mobility, decreased circulation, and/or visual impairments.

Foot care services offered with Head to Toe Health include: toenails cut and filed and corns and calluses reduced. For those with specific health needs, extra assessments such as circulation and sensation of the feet will be checked. Aftercare teachings for continued foot care or proper footwear are included in the package.

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Ion foot bath

Ionic foot detoxes are a treatment offered through spas or health centres worldwide as a way to gently detoxify the body. Soaking your feet in an ionic foot bath causes the feet to perspire and draws heavy metals and other toxins like pesticides and preservatives out of your body through the pores of your feet.

This reduces the overall strain on body systems and promotes improved immunity and well-being. In addition to detoxifying the body, the detox also brings your body back to its neutral and comfortable pH of 7.4. This 30-40 minute session would be a great therapy before a reflexology or foot care session.

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