Food: What the heck should you eat?

If you have ever wondered, ‘what the heck should I eat?’ there’s a book for that. 

In a series of book club meetings, we discussed ‘Food: What The Heck Should I Eat?’ by Mark Hyman, MD, focusing on the studies proposed to better understand and pick apart discrepancies and conflicting information received in recent studies versus old.

The sad truth is that much of what we eat is not really food. Consider the ingredients in items like Twinkies.

Food can influence almost every function of your body and mind. It can reinvigorate our health, bring families together, restore vibrant communities, improve the economy and the environment, reduce pollution, and even help our kids get better grades and avoid eating disorders, obesity, and drug abuse. Food can even reduce poverty, violence, homicide and suicide. 

Learning how to put better food choices in your life is going to be key to living well.

“Food exists specifically to energize, heal, repair, and uplift us. Every bite you take is a powerful opportunity to create health or promote disease,” Mark Hyman, MD, author of Food: What The Heck Should I Eat?

This book addresses nearly every concern, question, and misconception surrounding food, focusing on every meal from meat and poultry, fats and oils to beverages and sugar. The biggest takeaway from this book, however, is to ask questions and read your labels. Avoid unhealthy processed foods with ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, avoid soybean oil, additives and preservatives, etc. 

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